Signal Interrupt Transition Effects

For Example


Step 1: Select Clips

Open VideoShow 

→ Click on 【Edit Video】(【Video Edit】in iOS)

→ Select at least 2 clips


Step 2: Add A Blank Clip

Choose 【Edit】

→【Clip Edit】(Choose 【Clip Edit】menu in iOS)

→ Add a blank clip


→ Move the blank clip and make it between the two clips you added

→ Adjust the duration of the blank clip (Usually we set it as 2s since the effect lasts 2s.)

→ Click 【】to finnish


Step 3: Add The Effect


→ Click on【+

→ Click 【More】Go to Material Center


→ Find "Signal Interruption" and download it

→ Add it to the video

→ Move it on the timeline and make sure the blank clip has been covered by the effect

→ Click 【】to finnish


Step 4: Export The Video



▶ If there is some parts in the video which you don't want it to be shown, you can cover it with the effect directly without adding the blank clip.

▶ You can also use other effects to make transitions by this way. 

▶ When you add effects to make the transition, some simple transition effects can also be added, such as 【Fade】, to make the video transit in a more natural way.

----------------Done ----------------